June 2023

CNO releases Annual Report

Report highlights 2022 successes, looks ahead to further progress

CNO’s 2022 Annual Report highlights accomplishments that support our future success.

With the theme of “Looking Ahead,” the report illustrates CNO’s work in 2022 to protect the public, by promoting safe nursing practice. It also shows how we are building on those foundations in 2023 and beyond, to strengthen patient safety with agility, sustainability and innovation.

“I’m proud of the work we did in 2022 to help meet health care system needs at such a challenging time,” said Silvie Crawford, Executive Director and CEO.

“We have lots of accomplishments to build on and I’m excited for what it means for our future and for patient safety.”

Silvie Crawford, RN, BHScN, LLM - Health Law, Executive Director & CEO    
          Silvie Crawford, RN, BHScN, LLM - 
         Health Law  Executive Director & CEO

Here are some accomplishments highlighted in the 2022 Annual Report:

  • registering a record number of new nurses, with 12,385 new registrants

  • launching the Supervised Practice Experience Partnership, which more than 1,000 nurses joined in 2022

  • setting new records for social media engagement, which grew by 43%

  • receiving feedback from 723 nurses and 18 organizations to modernize the Code of Conduct

  • answering 59,985 phone calls and 36,504 emails in our Call Centre

  • publishing our first Staff Demographic and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) survey, introducing a land acknowledgement for staff use, and implementing a four-year DEI plan

  • ongoing work to transform Quality Assurance

  • collaborating with the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing in the U.S. on Nursys, a secure Canadian-based repository for sharing nursing information across jurisdictions

  • working closely with the government on the Minister of Health’s directive and to improve the applicant experience

At its June meeting, Council reviewed the Annual Report and sent it to the Ministry of Health.

For the first time, CNO published its annual report in English and French simultaneously. In past years, CNO released the French-language Annual Report after the English version. This initiative is part of CNO’s commitment to be accountable and transparent in both official languages and better serve Ontarians.

You can read the Annual Report on our website.

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