February 2020

Quality Assurance is changing to help you

This year, CNO will begin rolling out new components of our Quality Assurance (QA) Program, starting with the release of new self-assessment tools this spring. The tools, which include a new Practice Reflection Worksheet and Action Plan (previously known as the Learning Plan), support and guide you through the self-assessment process. Details about these tools can be found at www.cno.org/qa.

Both tools will be available on myQA and the QA Resources section of our website. Look for information about the launch date in The Standard, and on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

To make this process more meaningful to you, we will be studying the effectiveness of the new tools by asking for your feedback at certain points during the QA cycle. Your input will help us improve the tools and support you in achieving your goals.

Self-reflection is a powerful skill that helps you grow and learn. It’s an intentional process of identifying your strengths, areas for improvement and learning needs. Being self-reflective and engaging in lifelong learning is a critical part of providing the safest possible care to patients, which is why all nurses must participate in QA annually.

Whether you are selected for assessment or not, you are responsible for participating in QA. QA is your professional commitment to make sure that you are providing safe, quality care.

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