December 2019

Started a new job? Time to update the public Register

Did you know that you’re required to update your employment information on the public Register whenever you start a new job?

When there’s a change in your employment information, log on to Maintain Your Membership and update your info within 30 days of the change. We require this so that the public Register, Find a Nurse, is always up to date. It’s important for the public and employers to have accurate information about nurses. It increases transparency, promotes trust and allows people to make informed decisions about who is providing their care.

If any of the below information changes, update Maintain Your Membership.

  • Your job or business address. Make sure we have the address and contact info of your current employer or employers.

  • Your contact info. So that we can reach you with important information, make sure your home address, telephone number and email are current. This information will not appear on Find a Nurse.

  • Other registrations and licences. You must report any other professional licences or registrations in any province, territory or country. This includes additional nursing licences from other provinces or territories or outside of Canada, as well as non-nursing licences and registrations.

For NPs

  • Hospital or health facility privileges. Make sure we have a current and complete list of each hospital or health facility where you hold privileges. You must also let us know if your privileges are revoked, suspended or restricted.

If you do not update your info within 30 days, you might be fined $100. Check your info now to make sure it’s current. You can update your information quickly and easily at any time on Maintain Your Membership. You can also check this complete list of what you need to report to CNO.

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