December 2019

Take action in 2020 with new Quality Assurance tools

After two years of work, we’re ready to begin rolling out our new Quality Assurance (QA) Program starting with the launch of a new Practice Reflection Worksheet and Action Plan (previously known as the Learning Plan) in 2020.

Both tools will be available on myQA and the QA Resources section of our website. Look for information on the launch date in The Standard, and on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

The Practice Reflection Worksheet and the Action Plan are tools that can help you with your Self-Assessment. But you don’t have to wait for the new tools to become available — December is the perfect time to reflect on the year you had and start thinking about goals for a new year.

Begin by analyzing a situation or change in your practice. For example, a situation that seemed significant to you; critical incidents; or changes in evidence, policy or legislation. Ask yourself questions to explore your actions, feelings and knowledge. Taking the time to explore a situation or change will help you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

Your ability to continually learn and grow in your nursing practice is crucial to maintaining safe patient care. That’s why we’re designing every element of our new QA Program to support your ability to reflect and learn.

We will continue to phase in components of the new QA Program gradually over the next few years as they are developed. Visit our Quality Care webpage to learn more about this program and what we’re doing to support nurses with their continued learning.

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