March 2020

Prepared for practice

CNO evaluates Ontario’s 98 nursing education programs to make sure new graduates are ready for practice. To be approved, the program must meet several measurements that ensure patient and student safety and include clinical learning opportunities for students. This year, we are adding two more measurable outcomes to our process.

The first one measures how well nursing graduates are prepared to practice. This will be based on their own assessment of their experience. We’ll learn about this when the student applies for CNO registration.

The second outcome also measures how well graduates are prepared to practice, but is based on the assessment of nursing preceptors. To do this, nursing education programs will send a CNO survey to preceptors for their feedback. The survey finds out how well students integrated entry-to-practice competencies related to safety and ethics in the final placement of their nursing program. Preceptors will submit this information directly to CNO.

The assessments of both outcomes are confidential and will not be shared with those involved. Rather, the results will be combined into a score as part of a nursing program’s overall approval.

Find out more about our Nursing Education Program Approval process at:

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