Data Query Tool

Using the College's data query tool, you can create multi-year tables based on data collected annually by the College. View the results in HTML or PDF format, or save them as an Excel file if you want to do additional analyses.

Terms of Use

Please read the following Terms of Use and click "I Accept" to continue or "Cancel."

    1. The College of Nurses of Ontario's statistical database is created from information collected during membership registration and renewal. This information is self-reported by members and there is minimal editing or verification of the data.
    2. The College accepts no liability for harm caused by using the information.
    3. You agree not to sell all or any part of the statistical data to a third party.
    4. If you publish any of the data, you will include this acknowledgement:

Parts of this material are based on data provided by the College of Nurses of Ontario. However, the analyses and opinions expressed here are those of the author, and not necessarily those of the College.

5. If you publish any of the data, you will send the College a copy of the published material within three months of publication.

Page last reviewed May 31, 2016