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Nurse Renewal Check

Nurse Renewal Check (formerly Automated Annual Verification of Renewal of Membership or AAVR) is a service provided by the College for nursing employers, facility operators or anyone else who needs to quickly and efficiently check the membership status of nurses they employ on a full-time, part-time, casual or contractual basis.

It is designed to be an efficient alternative to manually reviewing each nurse’s membership status by phone or using Find a Nurse, making it ideal for organizations that employ a large number of nurses.

What are the benefits of Nurse Renewal Check?
  • Increased efficiency. You can confirm the registration status of nurses in one easy step.

  • Focused follow-up. Managers follow up with only those nurses who have registration issues (suspensions, revocations, or terms, conditions or limitations on their certificates of registration).

  • Improved risk management. Managers instantly know which nurses are registered to practise and which nurses have had their registration suspended or revoked, or have terms, conditions or limitations in effect on their membership, and can schedule staff appropriately.

  • Enhanced working relationships. In some cases, managers can work with nurses to resolve identified issues.

  • Public protection. Managers can identify quickly nurses whose memberships have been suspended or revoked, or individuals who are nurse impostors.
How does it work?

The College provides a spreadsheet that you are required to complete with each nurse’s information. The College then uses this information to confirm whether each nurse is eligible to practise in Ontario. The College also informs you if any of the nurses have had their membership suspended or revoked, or if they have terms, conditions or limitations in effect on their membership.  

This service is available year-round, but it is accessed most often during renewal (in the fall) and shortly after suspension (in February).

How much does it cost?

For facilities that employ more than 50 nurses, the cost is $250 plus $0.35 per nurse (excluding applicable taxes). For example, a facility that employs 150 nurses would pay $302.50, taxes excluded.

For facilities that employ fewer than 50 nurses, the College offers a reduced fee of $125 (plus $0.35 per nurse).

Additional Nurse Renewal Check runs requested during the calendar year cost $25 (plus $0.35 per nurse).

How can I access this service?
  1. Fill in the name, registration number and category (RN or RPN) of each nurse that you are enquiring about in the Nurse Renewal Check template provided. You'll find instructions on how to fill the template in our Nurse Renewal Check reference guide.
  2. Complete and sign the Service Agreement and Site Contact Information form.
  3. Email your completed spreadsheet and form to nurserenewalcheck@cnomail.org.
  4. The College will return your report (along with an invoice) via email within five business days. There is no need to send payment until you have received your report. You are only required to include the Service Agreement and Site Contact form with your first Nurse Renewal Check run of the year; they are not required for additional runs.

Questions? Contact the College at nurserenewalcheck@cnomail.org.

Page last reviewed January 02, 2019