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Our 2018 Annual Report is out

CNO partners with patients, nurses and others to support safe nursing care for all Ontarians. Read about some of the ways we do this in our new 2018 Annual Report

Called “Partners in Safety,” the report highlights five key initiatives from 2018:

  • Reflecting your perspectives in our brand new Code of Conduct for nurses
  • Supporting safe practice for nurses with substance use and/or mental health issues using early treatment
  • Creating an online tool so applicants can register with CNO more efficiently
  • Ensuring all Ontario nursing education programs meet comprehensive standards
  • Partnering with stakeholders to better understand and deal with patient safety concerns

CNO speaks directly to the public in this report. We explain what we do using Clear Language and infographics to tell our story. We created the infographics using some of the comprehensive data and evidence-based information that we collect.

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Page last reviewed June 06, 2019