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The future of quality care

Nursing practice is always evolving and the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) is developing a new way to assess and make sure nurses continue to meet the standards of practice we all expect.

Future QA is a new approach to our current Quality Assurance (QA) Program. It is our commitment to public safety by making sure nurses continually improve their practice throughout their careers. Approved by Council in 2017, Future QA will strengthen and enhance the quality of nursing practice. It will also maintain public confidence in the profession.

Using an innovative approach, the development of the Future QA program model uses evidence informed literature, the review of other QA programs and feedback from stakeholders including nurses and the public.

Emerging from the model is the design of a new Learning Plan all nurses must complete and submit when renewing their membership. Nurses selected for Practice Assessment will also have to complete a multisource feedback process. Multisource feedback is another way to help nurses identify where to focus their professional development by asking peers how they perceive them in practice.

Future QA requires a high level of engagement with nurses, the public and other key stakeholders. Opportunities to provide feedback of the new design will begin in the fall.

Stay tuned for more updates of this exciting chapter of our new QA program. Visit our Quality Care web page for more information about Future QA, the project’s timelines and how to become involved.

Page last reviewed July 27, 2018