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How to Reach Us

We understand how frustrating it has been to try to reach us by telephone. The College’s existing phone system is unable to handle the higher than normal volume of incoming calls. We apologize for this situation, and how it is affecting you.

While we continue to work to improve our phone system, the best way to reach us is by using the Contact Us page on our website. Under “Emailing the College”, choose the option that describes you best, complete the information requested on the page and click the send button. (Please do not choose “Contact the Webmaster” unless it is question regarding the website, as your email may not reach customer service.)

How to contact us

The most efficient way to reach us it by using our online forms. This is also the easiest and most effective way for us to answer your questions, since the form ensures we receive all the information we need to give you the best possible response. 

Our goal is to provide a substantive response within 10 business days at the latest, and we are working to significantly shorten this time even more.

How not to contact us

Please avoid sending emails to various email addresses found on the website. Using the web form is the optimal way to make sure your message reaches the person who can best respond. It is also the best way to ensure that the person responding has all the information they need and can therefore respond in a timely manner. 


Making a complaint or report

If you are a member of the public who would like to make a complaint about a nurse, please visit the Make a Complaint page for details, including additional contact options.

If you are an employer, facility operator, or health professional and you would like to file a report about a nurse, visit File a Report for more contact options.


Checking your application status

If you are waiting to hear about the status of your application, we are working to quicken the processing time. We will ensure Practical Nurse applicants can register for their upcoming exam, and we are prioritizing Temporary Class applications.


Improving our customer service

We recognize the issues we are experiencing with our phone system and the delays in responding to emails are far from ideal, and we are taking steps to improve the situation. These include:

  • increasing the number of people responding to calls and emails
  • extending call centre hours
  • starting a plan to replace our existing phone system with a new system by mid-2018.

Thank you for your patience.

Page last reviewed January 15, 2018