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Practice Support pilot project

We are exploring new and innovative ways to support your practice. We are piloting a process to respond to your practice-related questions and provide you with resources that better meet your needs. 

We have closed the Practice Line while we explore how email and other technology can help us better provide you with the information you need. Instead, you can email your practice questions to practicesupport@cnomail.org. You will receive a response from our Practice Support staff within three business days. 

Using email allows us to provide you with a consistent and comprehensive response to your practice questions.  It also allows us to track the types of questions we are receiving and use this information when developing practice resources. 

How can Practice Support help you?

We can:

  • share relevant practice standards and guidelines
  • direct nurses to the link for the appropriate practice standard and guideline.

 What can Practice Support not help with?

 We cannot:

  • interpret the College’s practice standards and guidelines
  • give nurses practice or legal advice
  • give nurses an opinion on a practice scenario. 

We will share our new ways to deliver practice support by Spring 2017. 

Avoid calling the Customer Service line with practice questions, as they will redirect you to the Practice Support email. The best action is to email us at practicesupport@cnomail.org to receive a prompt response to your questions.   

We welcome your feedback on this new approach. Your comments will help us continue to improve how we support you. 

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Page last reviewed December 06, 2016