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Annual Membership Renewal

Once a year, all members of the College must renew their membership with the College to continue practising as a nurse in Ontario. Renewing your membership involves answering questions about your employment status and areas of practice and education, and paying an annual fee.

Members who fail to complete the Annual Membership Renewal (AMR) form and pay the renewal fee(s) risk having their membership suspended and ultimately, their membership will expire.

Why does the College require nurses to renew their membership every year?

By renewing your membership, you help protect the public in two important ways:

  1. You help ensure that everyone practising as a nurse in Ontario is registered with the College and their information is accurate and up to date. This aids in identifying individuals who attempt to practise or are practising nursing illegally.

  2. The information nurses provide about nursing practice is collected and analyzed by the College. It’s then shared with the government, the media and other stakeholders who require a realistic picture of the size, distribution and areas of practice of the province’s nurse population.

Where do I begin my AMR? 

Information about the AMR can be found in the Maintain Your Membership section of www.cno.org. New members must create an online account with an email address they do not share with another member or applicant, to log in to Maintain Your Membership and access renewal.

What is the deadline for completing my renewal form?

The deadline for completing the renewal form and submitting all applicable fees is December 31. Additional fees will apply if payment is received after that date.

What are the fees involved in AMR?

Information about all fees, including the annual membership fee and administrative fees associated with late payments, can be found at www.cno.org/fees.

Why did the College increase the membership fee?

At its September 2016 meeting, Council gave final approval to by-law changes that increases the 2017 fee for members in the General and Extended classes by $35 to $190. The by-law also includes smaller increases to fees for 2018, 2019, and 2020.

The increase is based on the most responsible use of members’ money to cover the rising costs of meeting the College's regulatory mandate. These cost increases include the development and implementation of the College’s new information system, a Nurse Health Program for which the College is covering the vast majority of operating costs, future enhancements to Program Approval and the Quality Assurance program, as well as an average inflation factor of 2% per year.

Council considered three approaches to increasing membership fees and selected the incremental fee approach because it:

  • maintains the College’s fiscal well-being
  • provides a longer notice period for subsequent increases
  • avoids a pattern of large increases every few years

Read the June 2016 issue of The Standard to learn more about the options Council considered.

In June, we sought feedback from members and stakeholders – 67 percent of those who responded supported the incremental approach. 

What happens if I do not complete my renewal form?

A member who does not complete the online renewal form and pay the fees by Dec. 31 will receive a Notice of Intent to Suspend, and will be given 30 days to pay the required fees, plus any additional late fees that apply, and complete the renewal form.

If the member has not paid the fees and completed the form within those 30 days, then the member will be suspended and given another 30 days to provide all outstanding fees and information. After those 30 days, the nurse’s membership with the College will expire. 

Anyone whose membership has expired because of their failure to complete the renewal process will have to meet the requirements for reinstatement and pay additional fees if they wish to resume practising in Ontario.

Practising while one’s membership is suspended, revoked or expired is a serious offence. Individuals whose membership status with the College is suspended, revoked or expired are prohibited from practising nursing in Ontario and from using the titles “Registered Nurse,” “Registered Practical Nurse,” “Nurse Practitioner” or “nurse.” If you have been suspended or your membership has been revoked, or it has expired, speak to your employer(s) and stop practising immediately.

How do I check my status after I’ve renewed my membership?

After you have completed the renewal form and paid the fees, you have two ways of checking your renewal status:


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