For feedback: When to remove info from Find a Nurse

Following feedback from members, Council approved the publication of cautions and remedial activity outcomes on Find a Nurse at its September meeting. Information posted on Find a Nurse, the College's public register, helps the public make informed decisions about their care provider.

Council also approved circulating for member feedback, proposed changes to College by-laws that would result in cautions and remedial activities being automatically removed from Find a Nurse. This removal would happen...

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New self-reporting obligations for Nurses

Council approved changes to information available on the College's public register, Find a Nurse. As a result, the self-reporting requirements for nurses have increased.

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NPs take note: Tapentadol

On Jan. 12, 2016, Tapentadol will become a controlled substance and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) will no longer be able to prescribe it.

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End-of-life care practice guideline removed

The Guiding Decisions about End-of-Life Care practice guideline, along with the related review tool, has been removed from There have been significant changes in the field of end-of-life care...

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Approved changes to Fees By-Law

At its June meeting, Council approved two changes to the College’s Fees By-Law. The first change reflects the rising...

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Watch for The Standard every month

Starting with this issue, you’ll receive The Standard in your email inbox every month. The monthly delivery will ensure ...

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NCLEX-RN: not an American nor a Canadian exam

Earlier this month, regulators across Canada released early pass rates for Canadian writers of the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). (See the Ontario results here.) Since that time, misinformation has been circulating about the exam, particularly about the content of the exam questions. See the NCLEX Fact Sheet for more information about the exam.

Here, we provide facts in response to the biggest myth about the exam.

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