Building a solid foundation

How are we becoming a more open, accessible and transparent College? Read our 2014 Annual Report to find out.

2014 was a pivotal year at the College. We built a solid foundation that is currently supporting changes to services and processes that members and applicants will see later this year.

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More information about nurses

As part of the College’s move to greater transparency, more information will soon become publicly available about Ontario’s nurses.

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Proposed changes to Fees By-Law

The College is proposing two applicant fee changes that will require amendments to the Fees By-Law. The first change affects fees for former members who...

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Where your money goes

Later this year, the College will be implementing new computer systems that will increase the efficiency of processes, and set the stage for more self-service options and resources for members and...

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NP referrals to specialists

As of May 1, 2015, physician specialists will be paid when seeing clients referred by NPs. This is made possible by a change to the Schedule of Benefits...

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Online applications coming soon

Starting this fall, new applicants and Ontario nurses asking for changes to their membership status will be able to apply online. The College is preparing to retire its paper applications and forms in favour of online application. This will allow users to track the progress of their application and respond faster to requests...

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Caring for family

Omar, a nurse, works for a home health agency. He learns that his uncle, who was recently discharged from hospital... 

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Gifts from clients

Marina works in a pediatric centre. She is the primary nurse for four-year-old Michael, who has been a client on her unit for the past several months.

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You Asked Us

CPR certification

Q: I am an RN. I was searching on the College’s website for information about Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation...

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NP title

Q: I am an RN and I recently graduated from an NP program. I will write the NP registration exam in three months. Can I sign “NP-candidate”...

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