When can I access a client’s health record?

Callie, an RN, knows that another nurse at her facility is treating a client with Guillain–Barré syndrome. Callie has never treated a client with Guillain–Barré syndrome before. She wants to know more about the client’s health care plan so she can increase her knowledge of the disease and be better prepared to provide care for future clients. Because she believes reading the chart has educational value, Callie accesses the client’s chart.

Should Callie have done so? Find out ...

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Membership renewal opens Nov. 7

It’s time to start getting ready to renew! Here's what you need to know. 

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Cannabis is legal. Now what?

Learn about your accountabilities ...

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New reporting requirements for vaccines and contagious diseases

You have one new and one updated reporting requirement to make to your local Medical Officer of Health.

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New requirements for dispensing opioids

If you dispense Class A opioids, you should know that new requirements are now in effect.

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Education assessment program focuses on transparency

After years of research and consultation, we’re ready to roll out our new method of assessing all entry-level nursing education programs in Ontario.

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Make a difference for Ontarians: Get involved with the College

You can become a voice for Ontarians by getting involved with the College. Run for election to Council, or volunteer to sit on one of the College’s committees.


To serve on Council or a committee, you must be committed to client safety and understand how nurses’ actions affect it. You also need to be devoted to protecting clients’ rights. As well, you must be a good communicator and demonstrate professional judgement and integrity.


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