Why do I need a Learning Plan?

Why does our Quality Assurance (QA) Program emphasize self-reflection? Because the evidence tells us that the ability to reflect is an essential skill for nurses.

Reflection helps you grow and learn — and your ability to continually grow and learn is crucial to maintaining the ability to provide safe nursing care. That’s why continuous improvement is one of your nursing accountabilities. It’s also why we have designed every element of our QA Program to support your ability to reflect and learn.

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Have you renewed your membership?

If you haven’t renewed yours yet, why wait? Don’t risk forgetting and having to pay a $113 late fee! The deadline to renew is Monday, December 31, 2018.

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We’ve replaced the Am I Practising Nursing? fact sheet

First published in 1997, the Am I Practising Nursing? fact sheet was developed to help nurses and applicants decide if their nursing experience was considered “nursing practice.” This must be determined when renewing your membership or registering with CNO, and to determine participation in Quality Assurance.  

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NPs: reporting requests for MAID

If you are an NP who offers medical assistance in dying (MAID) to patients, you have new reporting requirements. Within 30 days of receiving a written request for MAID from a patient, you are now required to report directly to Health Canada...

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Be a voice for patients

Do you understand how your actions affect patient safety? Do you have experience advocating for patients’ rights? Are you critical thinker who can communicate clearly? If this sounds like you, consider volunteering for one of our committees. It’s your opportunity to be a voice for Ontarians.


The application period is open now until Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018.



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