Proposed changes to fees

The College is proposing changes to our fee by-laws so we can meet our mandate of public protection. These changes will affect the fees that nurses and applicants pay to the College.

If Council approves the changes in June, we will raise the 2019 membership fee to $270 (currently, it is $200). As well, we are proposing raising the application fee for people seeking to become a nurse in Ontario to $300.

Even after these increases, our fees are still among the lowest for Canadian nurse regulators. They are also among the lowest of any health regulator in Ontario.

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The complexities of RN prescribing

What we're considering when drafting a new regulation for RN prescribing. 

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Have your say: NP status on the Register

We want your feedback on a proposed change to the language we use on the public Register.

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Help end the opioid crisis

Many nurses have a role to play in stopping this situation.

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We’ve updated two standards

Read about minor revisions to the Decisions About Procedures and Authority and Nurse Practitioner practice standards.

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Take a survey

What should our future board of directors look like? 

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Get a tax receipt for your 2017 membership fees

Tax season is here. If you need a tax receipt for your membership renewal fees, fill out our Receipt Request form.



This Receipt Request form only applies to membership fees paid for 2017 and previous years. You can access receipts for 2018 renewal at any time in Maintain Your Membership.



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