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Practice Support

The College has Practice Support staff who can help you with your practice-related inquires. Send us your question(s) using this form. We will respond within three business days.

You can also find resources, such as educational tools and practice documents, to help you, in the Standards & Learning section.

Who is Practice Support for?

  • Nurses
  • Clients
  • Members of the public
  • Employers
  • Applicants
  • Students
  • Other health care providers

How can we help you?

Practice Support staff can:

  • share relevant practice standards and guidelines
  • direct you to the link for the appropriate practice standard, guideline and other relevant resources.

You are responsible for applying the appropriate standards and guidelines to answer your practice question in the context you work in.

For example, you send a question about whether an RN or RPN can administer oxygen. We would email you a link to the Decisions about Procedure and Authority practice document, which you would review, reflect on and then apply to your practice setting.

Or, if your question is about the difference between a direct order and a directive, we would send you a link to the Authorizing Mechanisms practice document so you can learn the differences between the two and how they would be used.

What can we not help with?

Practice Support staff cannot:

  • give you practice or legal advice
  • give you an opinion on a practice scenario.

Practice Support FAQs Contact Form

Page last reviewed May 16, 2017