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  1. Introduction

    This guide explains the process for registering in Ontario and the requirements that all nurses must meet to become a member of the College.

  2. Getting Started

    Know which documents you will need to support your application when you begin.

  3. Why Register with the College?

    Becoming a member of the College of Nurses of Ontario is a legal requirement for anyone who wishes to practise nursing in Ontario.

  4. Beginning Your Application

    The registration process begins when you open an account with the National Nursing Assessment Service, the national body that begins the initial document collection and assessment of all internationally educated nurses who want to work in Canada.

  5. Registration Requirements

    During the registration process, the College evaluates all applicants to determine whether they meet the registration requirements.

  6. Examinations

    All applicants to the College must successfully complete the registration examination approved by Council for the category to which they are applying.

  7. Requesting Accommodation

    Everyone who writes an examination as part of their application to the College has the right to request accommodation.

  8. Initial Registration

    When you have met all registration requirements, including the successful completion of the registration and jurisprudence exams, the College will send you the Initial Registration form.

  9. Timelines & Translations

    To ensure fairness and equitable treatment of all applicants, every application is assessed individually. As a result, the time required to complete the assessment process can vary from one applicant to the next.

  10. Further Resources

    To learn more about nursing education in Ontario, the province’s health care system, or how to access programs and services designed to help newcomers, please visit one of the following sites...

  11. Collection of Personal Information

    Information about how the College collects and safeguards personal information provided for the purpose of registration or reinstatement.

Page last reviewed December 21, 2016